Sunday, December 26, 2010

10 Book Reviews in 10 Days

There is a nasty storm going on outside. Normally I would say a great one but it caused the cancellation of my kids flights to NY so this one is nasty. I was so looking forward to seeing them.

I am way behind in my book reviews (not my reading - just my reviews). Stormy weather is a great time to stay in an "book report". I am thinking to catch up, I will try 10 reviews in 10 days.

I was given a little book "Exercises for Gentlemen - 50 Exercises to do with Your Suit On" by Alfred Olsen M.D. and M. Ellsworth Olsen M.A. It was first published in 1908.

As expected, it has lots of exercises. Most not very strenuous (they are supposed to be done in a suit). Mostly they are common sense. Just move - it is healthier. And the book did remind me that you can do exercises almost anywhere and any time. And it reminded me of proper posture and breath.

What I particularly enjoyed were the statements made with certainty like:

"Avoid cheap novels and exciting stories" (what does that say about the next 9 days?)
"Unclean fingernails...are suggestive of bad breeding"
"Habits of strict personal cleanliness are the greatest importance in the maintenance of health" (and then goes on to say take a warm bath once a week)

and a section on the Evils of Overclothing:

"too much clothing is likely to interfere decidedly with an alert, vigorous, condition of the body"

It even advocates vegetarianism:

"Much meat excites lust, intemperance and savagery in a man"

Cute little book. Things have changed..


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