Friday, November 19, 2010

Mostly Links and Random Thoughts

Today, I thought I would change it up a bit an just do a few links to content that might interest. I had feedback that my blog was turning into just a book review blog.

I am feeling optimistic today. I did an interview where I spoke of my business optimism called How to Own the Future.


I read with interest an article on Tech Crunch about Linkedin's success. They are adding a member a minute. What I like about Linkedin is everyone maintains their own contact information so unlike my contact database that has old email addresses, they tend to be current. Linkedin members is different that web site hits since some members log on daily and others would be dormant. Linkedin is a good example of the network effect.


I am looking forward to Brothers weekend this weekend. Always good to see them. Glen won the Rural Community Power Award:

Rural Community Power Award: Glen Estill. “As a pioneer of Ontario’s wind industry, Glen Estill represents the ideal of what a developer should be. Glen has successfully developed a number of projects in his community of Lions Head and has always actively worked with his neighbours to ensure that they are not just a step in the process but partners in the project. Glen continues to champion renewable energy by helping spur wind and solar initiatives in his community, helping others help themselves, while being an articulate voice of reason online through his blog and within the larger renewable energy sector.”


I wrote a marketing article on "The Power of Free" for CMA Blog.


Funny video on ideas and brain crack.


My health hint for the day is to smile. This is not natural for me so need to work on it. Smiling helps you live longer.


My 20 minutes of blog time is up. My most popular article of all time remains "How to write an Article in 20 Minutes"


At 3:27 AM, Anonymous J.D. Meier said...

I'm a fan of timeboxing and I like the 20 minute window for writing blog posts.

One of my most popular posts mentioned that I did it in 20 minutes -- it was "Patterns and Practices for New Hires" back in 2007.


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