Tuesday, November 02, 2010

The Laws of Charisma

I often say "I never get sick" which is largely true (although perhaps a bit of an overstatement of positive thinking). I read yesterday that exercise is a good preventative and cure for the common cold. And I do exercise a bit so perhaps it is true that I get less colds.


I read a book by Kurt Mortensen called "The Laws of Charisma - How to Captivate, Inspire and Influence for Maximum Success".

I had previously read that there is no connection between charisma and success as a CEO. This book makes a convincing case that it does matter and goes on to outline how anyone can improve their charisma.

The book has 5 sections:

1 - Presence - What Do You Radiate.

Chapters in this section include among other things Passion, Optimism, Humor and Happiness and my favorite Energy and Balance (also called Vibrant Well Being)

2 - Core Qualities - The Inside Dictates the Outside.

Chapters in this section include such topics as Self-Discipline, Competence, Purpose, Integrity etc.

3 - Delivery and Communication - Speak with Conviction.

Chapters in this section talk about presentation skills, communication, listening etc. I have long been an advocate of Toastmasters for almost anyone at any level in an organization. Although this section of the book was on a lot more than just public speaking.

4 - Empowering Others: Contagious Cooperation

Chapters in this section talk about credibility, goodwill, empathy, respect etc. I know from experience that empowered teams accomplish great things. I also know that my "control freak" attitudes through the years have held me back. I am getting better at this though (the more I know myself, the better I do)

5 - Subconscious Triggers:It Just Feels Right - Or Not.

Chapters here talk about emotional state, how you say things and even physical appearance (uh oh - better up my game).

The conclusion was "The Fable of the Fighting Brothers" which I read with interest since I grew up with 3 brothers (one of whom emailed me after reading my Diet Broth recipe yesterday and said it sounded dreadful and that he would plan the meals at the next brothers weekend) and we did our fair share of fighting. And of course I could tell you the whole fable but there is a difference between a book review and a book summary - and this is a review.

And one of the closing quotes from the book:

"It is not what you are going to do, its what you are doing now that counts" Napoleon Hill


At 3:40 PM, Blogger Charisma Expert said...

There are a few traits that separate charismatics from everyone else, but we will focus on just one attribute---personal constitution. Many pundits speak about the accessibility of charisma for any individual to partake. The standard platitudes involve standing erect, active listening and smiling. These manifestations of charisma are diametrically different to what makes for a charismatic personality. It is important to underscore the difference between what charismatics are doing and what they are thinking.

While charismatics typically are noted for being extremely passionate about ideas, engaging others through highly evolved communication skills and animation, the core motivation is the fulfillment of an overarching mission steeped within a compelling idea. In other words, charismatics are acutely aware of their goals and aspirations and operate from that vantage point most of the time. While most people operate from self-interest, charismatics are laser beam focused with an almost missionary zeal to their quest. Charismatics’ personal constitution is to use any means for bringing a specific idea to fruition. This level of control could be at the micro or macro level. Whether participating in personal relationships or committees, these alliances hold a grander role than mere human connections. Charismatics do not develop paradigms and live within that paradigmatic box. They create ideas and develop paradigms supporting those ideas. As such, they have accepted the contractions fraught with the changing conditions to meet a goal. As a result, you cannot embarrass a charismatic by pointing out a blatant contradiction. He is well aware of the contradiction and has neatly ensconced it within his long term strategy for influence. A compelling reason for his existence separates the charismatic from everyone else.

Edward Brown
Core Edge Image & Charisma Institute


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