Thursday, November 11, 2010

Its a Jungle In There

Sometimes I like to work slowly. I think this is one reason I love early mornings. If I have 3 hours before the world starts, I can putter away at things and still be on top of things. I love the feeling of being caught up and on top of things.

Of course I am not advocating working slowly. One of my strengths is the ability to work quickly and efficiently for long periods of time.

But as I always say Leadership(Direction/Work on the right thing) before Management(efficiency). That is the thesis behind my Time Management book.

Time is a substitute to efficiency.


I read It's a Jungle In There - Inspiring Lessons, Hard-Won Insights and Other Acts of Entrepreneurial Daring by Steven Schussler. I could tell from the title that I would love it. I always like reading books about entrepreneurship.

Schussler is the founder of the highly successful Rainforest Cafe (hence the jungle theme). Apparently his Minnesota home has a life size elephant replica and 40 live tropical birds. He sounds like quite a character.

He shares a list of 5 P's of breakthrough success:

Personality (Schussler has it. It shines through in the book)

Product "Be excellent or be gone". Sweat the small stuff.

Persistence "Never say die"

People - be genuine and care

Philanthropy - give some back. It provides purpose. He has a great chapter on passion which clearly is what drives business success. I think he may have well had passion as the 5th P.

The book starts with a section on risk taking. The interesting thing is I never really considered myself to be a risk taker. I have always felt more in control when I am doing my own entrepreneurial businesses. I, personally, think entrepreneurship is not really about taking big risks.

"Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go" T. S. Elliot

Each chapter starts with a self examination question. I likely would have got more from the book by reading it more reflectively. Example of a question he asks:

"Once your creation is in the marketplace do you still look to improve it?"


"Do you consider the impact you have when selling your product or service?"

And then each chapter goes on to delve into the reflective question.

Good book. Interesting. Inspiring. Worth reading.


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