Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Nando Parrado and James Cameron

I have heard Nando Parrado speak twice before. I have watched the movie Alive. The story of the rugby team that crashed on a plane in South America. Many of those in the crash had never seen snow. They were dressed in tshirts. No food. No water. They resorted to cannibalism but that is not the real story. That is a sideline.

Nando's mother and sister died in the crash.

45 people crashed in the Andes. 29 people survived the initial crash. 24 of those had no major injuries. Ultimately only 16 survived.

Nando ultimately walked out to be rescued. 10 1/2 days walk over rugged mountains. He lost 65 pounds during the trek.

Random unknown choices saved his life. Nando sat in row 9. Everyone after row 9 died.

It sure makes anything I have to deal with seem small.

I am always thankful for the charmed life I lead. Hearing Nando makes me even more thankful.


Moving and sad story but reminds me of a humorous "child" memories

When my daughter Laura was about 3 or 4 she asked me "daddy - are we vegetarians or are we cannibals?"


The final speaker of World Business Forum was James Cameron. He is an impressive visionary (especially in light of what I am doing with Three2N).

Of course it started with a video presentation. His speech was done interview style.

Cameron is a real leader in the modern movie industry (Titantic, Terminator, Avatar and lots of others). He writes, directs, produces etc. He does everything in the film industry.

Doing multiple films is a lot like being a serial entrepreneur. Each movie is a complete startup. Start with nothing and build from there. He likes to start with a few known people and mix in some new people to add to the creativity and energy.

Avatar was a longer than usual project. It took over 4 years to produce.

His comments:

"to get the most from people, you need to respect them on a daily basis". "Give people permission to make mistakes and they are less likely to make them." "Harness the power of the wave. You do not make the wave but you harness it still." "5 years from now, most films will be 3D. Bad 3D will hurt the adoption." "Don't watch TV for 6 hours per day"

He was a fitting person to end a great program. I tend not to be star struck, that said, he is an inspiration.


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