Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Power of No

I have been traveling on business. And I have been working on interesting but very time consuming deals. In short, I am feeling swamped.

I have never been good at saying no to people. People call and want to meet with me, arrange for a call, get me to speak etc. People send me emails that need replies. I usually say yes.

Part of it is Canadian politeness. It seems rude to turn people down. Part of it is I am an optimist and see the good in everything and everyone.

In order to focus on my priorities (and focus is a major skill that can move you forward), I realize I need to say no to people. As with many things, it is easier to go completely cold turkey. So I am now in a NO phase. I am turning down every opportunity for the next month (and part of my guilt is I see everything as an opportunity).

This will allow me to focus.

No can be your best time management tool.


At 9:27 AM, Anonymous Harris Silverman - Business Coach said...

Time management is crucial for managers, and saying No is a key part of it. Rather than saying No to everything, though, it's possible to develop criteria as to when to say No, when to say Yes, and when to say Not right now but we can schedule this for later. Deciding what's important, and what the best way to address it is, are key time management skills.

Harris Silverman


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