Sunday, June 20, 2010

Web 3.0 and Enterprise 2.0

Today must be my day for social and new media. I read 2 books on it.

I read a great little book by Michael Tasner called Marketing in the Moment - The practical Guide to Using Web 3.0 Marketing to Reach Your Customers First. Michael is a marketer (like me) who teaches people about new media and how to use it for marketing.

It was not clear to me where Web 2.0 becomes Web 3.0. The book says Web 3.0 is about mobile, twitter, texting, video etc. It has one title "From Blogging to Microblogging(like Twitter)" - I do not believe one replaces the other (and the book also advocates both) - they just have different purposes. And I do both.

The book is written as a how to guide which would make it useful to the novice. It also has many calls to action and correctly notes that knowing and not doing is the same as not knowing. So get out and do.

My experience with media is the newer the media, the better value it tends to offer since people do not yet understand its value. So it is logical to me to understand newer medias as a way to get marketing value.

In addition to Blogging and Twitter, the book explores some areas that I do not yet do much with like:

1 - Mobile Marketing
2 - Virtual worlds
3 - video marketing (I know this is huge - I am just not a video person)
4 - Open source code
5 - Web Apps

The book ended with a chapter called "The Art of Giving Back". When I was reading the chapter titles, I assumed he meant giving back value through posting things of value. My personal social media strategy is to try to add value 95+% of the time to the reader and only ask for the readers to buy or help me at most 5%. And I reviewed a book recently on Internet for Non-Profits on the Karma411 site and thought it might have to do with that.

But the final chapter was really about charity and donating. He advocates generosity. Interesting way to end the book and it did make me feel warmer towards the author.

The second book was Enterprise 2.0 - New Collaboration Tools for your Organizations Toughest Challenges by Andrew McAfee.

This book was more about the tools of collaboration like wikis, Google Wave etc and how they can benefit a company.

To me, he is preaching to the converted. I use Enterprise 2.0 tools. He used a number of case studies to get his case across. Good book to give to anyone who does not yet believe in the tools.

I really liked one section he had on the dangers of using social media in public companies, banks etc. Paraphrased "Social media like blogs and twitter are public for all to see so everyone can see if there is an issue and work to correct it" "Contrast that to IM or email. Many companies keep copies of these and have the right to read it but rarely do because of the volume. Since they are largely invisible, it is tough to correct and detect inappropriate behavior".


And if you are interested in social media, Myventurepad is having a free webinar this week on using Twitter to Grow your Business. Should be interesting.


At 9:23 PM, Anonymous Realtor said...

What is your personal recommendation with some of these marketing methods like mobile marketing. I havent looked deep into it, but how trackable is its success?


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