Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Ursula Burns - Xerox CEO

Ursula Burns, CEO of Xerox was interviewed at World Innovation Forum.

I am impressed by Xerox. I knew Burns predecessor - Anne Mulcahy (Anne was awesome and responsive - SYNNEX was a huge Xerox reseller). Must be something at Xerox that fosters(or does not limit) leaders without thought of gender or race. Good for them. I would say more companies should copy Xerox but it seems to me Xerox already copies a lot.

Xerox files 10 patents per day! 5% of sales spent on R and D.

As expected, she is a good speaker - poised, natural etc.. All great leaders are (which is why I always suggest all aspiring leaders take Toastmasters)

Some of her points:

(Crisis) is the greatest motivator in the world
Xerox is in the problem solving business
Assume most people you talk to are intelligent.
People don't always know. Henry Ford heard "faster horse" but he gave them a car. Are you really listening? Get close. Solve real pain
support user centered design process. Involve the customer in 'dreaming' early and often
Xerox is a green company already
Theme based research is how Xerox is mobilizing it's staff.
Xerox can print on anything.
Xerox does a lot in nanotechnology
Company culture is the people so changing the culture means changing the people


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