Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Seth Godin - Marketing Innovation

I am blogging live at day 2 of World Innovation Forum.

The day started with a demo by Panasonic of an awesome (but $30,000 per site) video conferencing system. Awesome 1080 resolution, perfect audio and no choppiness. It takes 3 megabytes of bandwidth. I look forward to these becoming pervasive. It helps communication, time management, and the environment. Seems compelling.

The first speaker was prolific author, speaker and thought leader Seth Godin. He is a marketing genius and a leader in social media. I have heard him speak before and we have even traded some emails.

Seth says:

I can't give you a map, but I can point you in a direction
People think - if it was not impossible, someone would have already done it
TV attracts "average" people.
You cannot interrupt your way to success
Old fashioned marketing is rude
Tribes are groups of people with a connection - traditionally - work, church and community now circles of people who spread ideas that matter. We have a need to connect.
Marketing is not about spreadsheets. It is the act of a human being who changes things. A genius is a human being who is genuine.
Instead of trying to find customers for our products, we should find products for our customers.
An innovator at school gets a D.
Art is about creating something unique that people resonate with.
Competence is no longer a scarce commodity
The only thing we need to teach people is to solve problems and to lead
Companies will always pay for the impossible

His advice:

Make art
give gifts
do work that matters
go make something happen

He believes this is the era of the artist. We went from hunter to farmer to assembly worker to information and now we are going to creativity. He would agree that we are going to soon value the left brainers.

You really had to be there to fully grasp what he was saying. Not sure my notes here do him justice.


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