Thursday, May 06, 2010

Success Habit - Decide Ahead and Product vs Service Company

One success habit that really works for me is deciding ahead. For example, I want to run tomorrow morning. I decide that tonight. I even set out my shoes and shorts. Then running becomes automatic.

Really all habits are about is making something automatic or mindless.

We all have limited self discipline but by making something a habit, we just do it - requiring no (or very little) self discipline.

I use "decide ahead" for everything from working out, eating right (eg. pack my lunch or have healthy food around), doing a specific task or getting a job done. I decide ahead to do it at 10 tomorrow morning. I set an appointment to just do it.


The late founder of ATS Automation Klaus Woerner was asked if ATS was a product company, or a custom design company, to which he replied " We are a service company, because we can not say no".

This statement says a lot. Every company wants to be a product company, so they have to learn to say no, in order to truly find themselves. Choose to be a product or a service company.

Worth thinking about.


At 7:18 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

Jim, Interesting Post! I agree that habits help you do things. On tht topic of Success Habit you might be interested to see this video post "taking charge of your time" by Vineet Nayar.



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