Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Free Exercise - Just walk

This blog post is a shameless promotion on a new set of shoes I bought called Shape-Ups (although I don't get paid any royalty or anything for pushing them)

Shape Ups claim to actually help you to build more muscle and get in better shape simply by wearing the shoes. Having worn the shoes for a week, I believe they do work and I think the way they work is because the soles are somewhat squishy so it's a little bit like walking on sand which of course makes it more difficult.

The front and back of the shoes are also somewhat curved which means clearly you would use more balancing muscles. I'd love to wear them everyday, but I'm not sure they look quite professional enough for some of the business meetings that I go into although I'm sure there will be versions that come out that are appropriate for business shoes (there may already be, I just don't have them).

I'm always in search of ways to get in better shape without having to actually do anything more than what I'm already doing. And Shape ups seem like the right kind of thing for a Time Management Guru.


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