Saturday, April 24, 2010

Alec's Run VI

No business lesson here so just skip it. This is just a race story.

As the title suggests, I ran a 4 mile race today. Beautiful weather for it. About 60 degrees at the 9:30 start. 40% humidity which is nice and low. Sunny so it did heat up a bit.

It was a chip timed race but there was not mat at the start - only the end. So I started near the front of the pack so I would not lose time crossing the start line. I was passed often in the first mile even though I ran a 6:48. I knew that was too fast although at some time I have dreamed of keeping a 7:00 pace for all 4 miles.

The second mile melted easily although there was some up hill. I skipped the water stop knowing I could run 4 miles without water easily.

The third mile was tough and I lost time. While running I was kicking myself for doing 30 minutes of weights (including legs of course) before the race. Should have saved my energy.

The fourth mile was easier although you could see the finish about half a mile out and that is way to far to sprint. I always like to give a little kick at the end but usually only for the last 100 yards.

The course was mostly flat. It started and ended at the same place more or less but it still seemed to have more uphill than down. Amazing how that happens.

In the end, my time was 29:36 or 7:24 per mile which beat my 30 minute goal. I always set 3 goals and 30 was my top goal. Time to move it down.

Great run. Well organized. Glad I did it.


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