Thursday, February 18, 2010

Purity Products

I started doing a project for Purity Products to help them with their SEO.

Purity Products sells evidence-based nutritional supplements. They even wrote a book called The Best Kept Secrets to Healthy Aging - Your Guide to Better Health and Longevity.

I'm about as passionate about health and longevity as I am on business and marketing, so the project seemed like it was right down my alley. That said, I generally do not take supplements and believe that my best route to health is eating right. So I was somewhat skeptical when I picked up the book.

I was pleased that the book talks not only about the various supplements that could be used to supplement health like Vitamin D and CoQ10 but it talked about general health. They also talked about a product that is good for runners called ha joint.

There was a whole chapter on Dietary Choices - Establishing a Foundation For Health, which is how I choose to do it. I was also pleased to see a chapter on "Exercise, health and longevity" as I have longed believe that exercise is a critical part.

There's a chapter on "Sleep - Vital to Health and Healing". This is one that I was hoping they would develop a pill so that we wouldn't need.

It was an interesting book and gave me more insights into nutritional supplements and also reinforced a lot of what I knew about being healthy.


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