Wednesday, February 03, 2010

The AMA Handbook of Leadership

I recently read the The AMA Handbook of Leadership by Marshall Goldsmith which is a collection of articles, similar to the one I recently reviewed by Malcolm Gladwell (although these are each by different authors).

The book has five parts.

1 - Forging ahead - The Global Picture
2 - Developing People - The Key to the Future.
3 - Engaging People - Force of Change.
4 - Facilitating Change - The Leaders Role.
5 - Taking the Lead.

The articles are thoughtful, well chosen, well edited and for the most part interesting and thoughtful.

There was an article by R. Roosevelt Thomas Jr. on Leadership and Diversity which tied into the book review I recently did on The Loudest Duck. The gist of the article is similar to the book, diversity is good business and its the role of leadership to make sure that diversity is embraced.

There was an article on Asian and Western Executive lifestyles. This was of high interest to me since I have done a lot of business in Asia and since I am in the computer industry. This has been something that I have studied and any leader of a global business should understand different executive styles in different cultures.

There's an article by Marshall Goldsmith - Passing the Baton : Developing Your Successor. One of the toughest things for a leader to do is prepare to move on from an organization. I've done a lot of thinking about that lately since some people have talked to me about how SYNNEX has changed since I've left. I've come to the conclusion that when leadership leaves an organization, some of the leader remains on in the culture and some of it changes.

The article is a good reminder that succession plans do need to be done. I know for many leaders, this goes against their sense of immortality.

There are other articles on leadership, change, how to be an effective leader and situational intelligence.

I liked the short article format because I could read one article in its entirety in a few minutes and then come back and read another one. One Time Management Success Habit I use is keeping reading readily accessible for any spare minutes I might have. This book is perfect for that - sort of like a magazine.


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