Friday, December 18, 2009

The War of Art

I listened recently to a CD series (which is actually a book as well) called The War of Art by Steven Pressfield. The audio version can be found here

I loved the program. The gist of the message is in all things great we face resistance and resistance stops us from doing our art. Although Pressfield is an actual writer and so uses the word artist for writers and painters, etc. I would apply the same lessons to those of an entrepreneur.

He was briefly a marine in the US Marines. He said it's not necessarily that Marines are any better, but they teach the Marines how to deal with pain and live under adverse circumstances and that's very good life training. Part of success is being able to deal positively with adversity.

The gist of his message is we need to be disciplined, we need to recognize that we will have resistance to doing what we need to or should be doing. To get over that resistance we need to develop systems to deal with it. Successful people are able to do things that don't give immediate gratification. I wrote a blog on Delayed Gratification and the Economy last year.

It is a good book. He is a writer so it is well written (despite the fact that I listened to it and did not read it).


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