Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Article Marketing and Free Content

I am often asked how to inexpensively promote a product or service. One of my favorite ways is article marketing.

There are tons of free article sites that accept articles from anyone. These are "Free content" so anyone can use what is written in their blog or newspaper. Because they are also free, they can be an easy source for blog inspiration if I cannot think of anything to say. I almost never use them as is but I edit them and use parts occasionally. Or mostly they just inspire my ideas.

They are not even bad to surf if you are looking for information on a topic.

One of the Free content sites I use is A1 Articles. The site is well organized, easy to use and although it has lots of ads, they tend to be inobstrusive. They have over 10,000 articles on a wide variety of topics.

Some of my "free articles" are:

The 8 Rules of Time,
6 Reasons to Wake Up Early and Secrets to Help it Happen, (cannot really write this and sleep in)
12 Tips on Developing Self Discipline, (reminding myself how to do it)
How to Write and Article in 20 Minutes,
13 Easy Tricks to Stay Motivated to Work out, (written because I needed help myself)
How a Small Business Can Thrive Through Nichemanship
Innovative Hiring - Barbershop Marketing (it was a different time in the job market)
The Power of Questions
Are You Galvanized or Paralysed

and the list goes on...

Some of these were written to "softly" promote my Time Management Book. Some of them were just articles that I had in me that I thought I would share. Some of them were off topic for my blog so I did not blog about them. Some of them were blog entries that were almost ready to be articles so I turned them into articles.

Some of these articles are my better works. I would not bother to turn something into an article if I did not think it was good at the time.

So the word on free content sites is use them by contributing or use them as a source.


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