Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs

On a recent flight, I read "The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs - How to be Insanely Great in front of any Audience" by Camine Gallo.

It comes at an interesting time when I am doing a lot of speaking gigs.

Jobs is clearly one of the most captivating speakers of our day. He has been able to attract almost a cult of followers because of his ability to public speak.

I recommend the book, just like I do Toastmasters or Dale Carnegie courses, because I think everyone in business should be able to speak well in front of audiences. It is one way that a leader can gain leverage.

The book covers why he is a great speaker and gives a ton of tips to help any reader to also become a great speaker. It covers things like the 10 minute rule (people drift after 10 minutes so you need either a break or major shift).

One interesting comment. "People have forgotten how to listen and take notes instead". Then it goes on to explain how bad PowerPoint multi bullet slides are. Slides attract note taking. I, on the other hand, think note taking can increase retention.

In any speech - answer the one big question. At most have 3 main points - often supporting the one big question.

The book talks about passion. Clearly Jobs is the king of this. Passion sells and passion makes for great speeches.

Simplicity is key. According to Jobs, "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication"

The book does not speak about how the credibility of the speaker greatly enhances the receptivity of the audience. One reason Jobs can captivate an audience if because of what he has accomplished - people listen.

I have thought about becoming a professional speaker but have concerns that my message (which is about how to run a business, efficiency, time management, entrepreneurship) would become weak over time if I am not actively involved in other things.

My article on 4 Things Marketing Cannot Do was published on the CMA Blog.


At 7:13 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

This was one of the key books I read before DevCon. While at the conference I realized just how much of a competitive advantage speaking can be for a company. Night and day difference between Apple and RIM...


At 10:12 PM, Anonymous CA said...

I recently read this book too. It takes a lot of practice to master the art of presentations and public speaking. I tried some of the techniques at 2 recent presentations - little or no text; very effective. Posted my experience on my blog - atlanticcanadabusinessblog.com.


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