Thursday, August 06, 2009

Simple ADD Time management Tip

This is the start of day 3 as an unemployed CEO. Not sure it has sunk in yet as my volume of email and calls is still quite high. I even have one potential interim job that I will likely take. Helping a friend negotiate the sale of his company. I also have a speaking gig teaching my Time Management course to a local company. So as expected, all is good.

I am determined to take some time off to figure out what I want to do. As a person of action, I know this will be difficult for me. Intellectually, I know this is the right thing.

My time tip for the day is simple. Leave any room a bit neater than when you entered it. I do not like to spend hours cleaning or tidying a room. Doing it a bit at a time gets the job done and saves me the longer task. Sometimes the simplest habits are the best.

My car does not tend to have a lot of junk in it by using this method. I almost always remove any garbage and take any stuff into the house etc.

Thsi will be a great do. I know we choose to make our days great.


At 9:48 AM, Blogger Gerhard Peters said...

I agree with you in that it is very important intellectually to take time off and figure out what one once to do. It is not easy but at the end it is rewarding. I'm almost there...for now anyways.

At 8:49 AM, Blogger Patti said...

Helping a friend negotiate the sale of his company.

Sound like the start of a new business venture!

At 9:25 AM, Blogger FRANCESCA said...

The calm of 'time off' nicely balances an active life...I'd suggest going to the shore and walking the sands for a day or two.

I'm a bit of a neat fanatic they tell me so I will practice not being too concerned if I leave a paper or book out of place. :) (now that's a very hard habit to break, because 'messy' bothers me! )

At 10:35 AM, Anonymous Kevin said...


Best of luck on the new ventures, whatever they are.
Hope the Kitchens all setup now.
Have a great week.



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