Monday, June 08, 2009

CEO Leadership quotes and random thoughts

My first week at Nu Horizons is done. Great week. Busy (as expected). Met a lot of people. Just starting to scratch the surface. Feeling my knowledge of the business is just beginning.

The first 30 days of my 90 day plan is "Listen and Learn" which I am doing. But a part of me understands that urgency is critical to business success. I am itching to start contributing. For me, it takes discipline to sit back and listen and learn only.

We already had 2 meaningful releases (in the works well before my arrival). We won "most Preferred distributor in China" by ESMC Magazine for the 4th year in a row. What an honor. We also appointed Steve Bilodeau to the Nu Horizons board. Bilodeau is the past president of Standard Microsystems (SMSC). I have met him. He seems like a great addition to the already strong board.

I am frustrated that my house is not yet done. I feel disorganized which was not the plan. Perhaps I will learn that having a kitchen and being able to shower at home is over rated.

The NY Times did an interview with Kevin Sharer, CEO of Amgen.

I was impressed with what he said about Leadership:

Q.There are also, of course, intangibles in leadership. Could you talk about those?

A. Great leaders have something that when you see it, you know what it is, but it's hard ahead of time to describe exactly what it is. But the first thing I'd say is that leadership is not about charisma and it's not about style. It's something about authenticity. It's something about integrity. It's something about willingness to take risks. It's something about the ability to make others feel part of a larger thing. It's part of being able to articulate the social architecture in a way that others can understand, believe in and follow.

I came across another Blog on Time Management. The author is Bradley F. Friedman. He seems sincere and has good ideas. Click here to get to it. So when you read my blog and don't think any of the ideas are particularly insightful, read his.


At 12:53 AM, Blogger FRANCESCA said...

SO glad to hear your first week went well, but sorry to hear there's slow progress on the 'home' front.

It's difficult to sometimes just listen and hold back when inside that little voice wants to contribute. That skill takes a lot of discipline, one I'm still learning.

and hmmm, wonderful kitchens and luxurious warm showers??? Can NEVER be over rated! :)...ahh, but living without them for a little while only makes us appreciate them more. sigh.

Not sure if you remember the power outage a few years ago. Electricity wasn't back up and running for three days in the part of the city where I live. It was taking a bad situation, accepting it, embracing it, adapting and turning it around. Those three days were actually a lot of fun and taught me well --> Electricity is as important to me as my new espresso machine! Oh and let me not forget the shower! ;)


p.s. I do hope the house gets finished soon and any frustration will be history.

At 4:33 AM, Blogger DarryleHuffman said...

One of the thingsa that I have found is that when you are in new job with new surroundings it is like being in new home with lights off. You do not know where everything is located so you will envariably stump your toe out of lack of knowledge. A good leader does set back and listen so when the lights are off he can navigate the waters because he knows the sea somewhat.


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