Wednesday, March 18, 2009

3 Laws of Performance - Use Powerful Language

I recently read, "The Three Laws of Performance Rewriting the Future of Your Organization and Your Life" by Steve Zaffron & Dave Logan.

It is an excellent book; however, I found it somewhat laborious to read. It was somwhat of a compilation of other success books. The laws of performance are excellent and I agree with them.

1 - Its all about perception and how people view things. Figure that out to win. And change that to win.

The book re-emphasized how people perform is related to how the world occurs to them and we all have different backgrounds and screens that we filter what is going on in the world. Part of the key to good communication is to understand how people view things.

The book was also very hopeful in telling people that they could change how they view things. I have always been a big believer in being able to change myself.

2 - The language we use shapes us.

This section of the book talked about the language we use and how it has a powerful effect on outcomes. The suggestion – use powerful language. I had incorporated something along these lines in my daily to do list some time ago. It goes like this:

Instead of saying "workout" on my list; I say "I had a great 3 mile run in 22-1/2 minutes. I feel great." (One of the other books that I had read at the time said phrasing things in the current tense also helps them be achieved.)

Or "I just finished reading, "The Three Law of Performance" and was inspired to take action. The book was interesting and enjoyable to read.". Phrasing the to do items in that way gives them passion and makes me more eager to achieve them.

Incorporating the present tense has als helped to inspire me to get more things done on my to do list.

3 - Create and vision the future.

The book not only has three laws of performance but has numerous milestones that they set out. And the leadership corollaries of the laws. They talk about seven commitments (notice how they use powerful and positive words to get you motivated).

Good book, I recommend it.


At 12:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Thank you for your interpretation of of "The Three Laws of Performance Rewriting the Future of Your Organization and Your Life" by Steve Zaffron & Dave Logan, a book I have not read, but am certainly encouraged to do so.

Perception is truly everyone's reality and I teach that on a daily basis to people in my leadership programs.

What really struck me about this post was the second point 'Powerful Words' because while I understand the necessity of powerful words in your everyday, I had not considered using words in the present tense for my ToDo list! I thank you for that and will bring that to both my own actions and share that with the many people with whom I work. A good friend of mine once said a small sentence I am often reminded to repeat to myself in difficult meetings that I would like to share in return, "soft words, hard Arguments". I remember to speak in a positive and powerful venacular with the right information prepared in advance.

Although you found it a bit of a challenging read, I am interested in the book because of the 7 commitments you mention!

I love your blog and return often for one main reason, your commitment to self improvement and the development of others. Keep up the GREAT work, Jim!


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