Friday, November 07, 2008

How to Sell More in a Down Market

I recently read an e-book by Randy Goruk called, "How to Sell More in a Down Market -- The Leadership Secrets of Dynamite Sales Results". One thing I like about it is he is applying leadership secrets to sales just like I do in my time leadership book, applying leadership secrets to Time Management.

I would largely call his book a re-mix. It uses truths that have previously been revealed. There is really nothing wrong with a good re-mix (largely in my time management book is a re-mix) taking the best of various materials sorting them, compiling them, and sharing them.

The book is rich with quotations and rich with links to other material.

I particularly likes its upbeat attitude and I agree completely with the thesis that just because the market is down that we can continue to sell more.

One of the quotes that he used was:

Complaining is not a strategy (Randy Pausch)

From the eBook:

Leaders should always remember;

- The value of time
- The success of perseverance
- the pleasure of working
- The dignity of simplicity
- The worth of character
- The power of kindness
- The influence of example
- The obligation of duty
- The wisdom of economy
- The virtue of patience
- The improvement of talent
- The joy of originating

His leadership approach is straightforward and practical. It has six elements.

1. Accept full accountability for your results
2. Adopt leadership attributes for success
3. Become inspired and motivated
4. Become a personal productivity champion
5. Learn to plan like a leader
6. Take responsibility in further developing your leadership and sales professional skills

Now I need to get out and sell.


At 5:29 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice post there, Jim. Who do you consider the top author in this field right now?

At 2:04 PM, Blogger Jim Estill said...

Leading Change by Kotter is good.
Innovators Dilema by Clay Christianson (not positive that is on the type of change happening now.
and Aftershock by Harry Woodward are the ones that come to mind.


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