Saturday, November 01, 2008

Conversational Capital - How to create stuff people love to talk about

I made it back from LA in time to get Halloween candy and go trick or treating. And yes, I do go trick or treating. I figure people are expecting guests so don't mind if one more stops by. And I lead such a busy life, I often do not spend time with my neighbours. So stopped by Doc and Charmian Christies and had a great chat about Search Engine Optimization.

I read recently Conversational Capital - How to create stuff people love to talk about by Bertrand Cesvet with Tony Babinski and Eric Alper.

I love marketing. And I am frugal. So Conversational Capital seemed like a natural. The gist of the message is create a product or service that is over the top so people tell their friends and come back. Word of mouth is much more powerful than most advertising. The challenge is how to get it.

Conversational Capital talks about 8 characteristics of companies that create great buzz (that's my word, not theirs - they believe they are talking about more than just buzz).

Rituals - EG. Singapore Airlines bow to each passenger as they enter

Initiation - EG. Assembling the Ikea furniture

Exclusive Product Offering - EG - iTunes allowing just one song to be bought

Myths and Stories - EG the story of EMJ starting from the trunk of my car

Relevant Sensory Oddity - EG the VW Beetle odd look

Icons - EG the Eiffel tower

Tribalism - EG - Everyone who drives a Prius waves at me (when I drive my Prius)

Endorsement - EG a celebrity using a product

(sorry you have to read the book if you want more explanation on each term). The message is you love to have all of these but even having some can create conversation.

Much of what the book had to say is just common sense (which is not that common). Over deliver and people will talk about your business.

Now our challenge is to apply this to SYNNEX. We have some - we need more.


At 6:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Jim! I didn't know you drive a Prius! :) I just ordered my 3rd - Seaside Pearl this time since they got rid of Salsa Red!! :( I've noticed that here in Winnipeg too - Prius drivers will often acknowledge each other. I very much enjoyed hearing you speak again in Banff - thanks again! :) --Paul Profeta, Forest Computers

At 11:25 AM, Blogger Alan Marston said...

Sounds like a great book Jim! I will pick it up today.

Reminds me of another great book by Apple's former Chief Evangelist Guy Kawasaki called Selling The Dream. A quote from that book: "Evangelism is the process of convincing people to believe in your product or idea as much as you do. It means selling your dream by using fervour, zeal, guts..." So if a company develops a cause behind what they do the cause sells the products.

At 9:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Over delivery on aspects that customers care will definitely drive "Conversational Capital". Think of ways of impressing customers in a way that enhances their perceived value.


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