Saturday, June 21, 2008

Learn Peoples Communication Preference

I was on George Torok's Business in Motion Radio show yesterday. He also gave me a copy of his book - The Secrets of Power Marketing which I am looking forward to reading. I gave him a copy of my Time Leadership book so I suppose we are even.

On thing I like about "beinging known" for something like Time Management is people often send me tips. I thought the following tip was a good one:

"In essence it is to ensure you clearly understand what communication medium each person in your network is most comfortable with (VM, Txt Msg, Email). If you are trying to reach a person on email and frustrated due to lack of response, you may find they rely on text messaging as their main source of communication and switching to text messaging them will get you a rapid response and therefore save time and move things forward much quicker. In the old days the choice was VM and Email. Now Text Messaging has emerged as a new medium the younger set has embraced (some older ones too..). Food for thought."

Simple tip and makes sense.


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