Sunday, April 27, 2008

Energy and Time Management

My quote of the day:

"There is a difference between doing the things you have a right to do and doing the right things"

Who said it?

Speaking of getting the right things done (I know different kind of right)...

I read an interesting article on time management in Harvard Business Review. (Aren't all time management articles interesting).

I will let your read the original article to get the points:

1 - break your responsibilities into categories.

2 - Ask what percentage of time to spend in each category.

3 - Check alignment of this with colleagues and superiors.

Then it give some tips on execution.

I liked the article and it follows the tried and true - know your priorities and spend your time where the priorities are. What I would add though is a section on energy. In many cases, it is not just the time, it is the creativity and energy that makes the true difference in getting the right things done.


At 11:55 AM, Blogger Gerhard Peters said...

About 4 years ago you introduced me to time management. I really liked it and studied it whole hardly. Since then with more experience and lot more reading I have become bored of the self-help material including time management. I’m not perfect but I have become much better at time management but also for many other reasons then just reading self-help material. This leads me to ask the following questions...

The article you suggested in your blog talks about the born leader...what does that mean to you being a born leader?
Do you think the fact that the market is flooded with self help books is making any difference in people's lives? I don’t mean the few individuals here and there but our society in general?
Why is hardly anyone taking time management serious (or other personal development issues)?

I like to hear your perspective on the above.

Thanks for your mentorship Jim!

At 3:03 PM, Blogger Jim Estill said...

I am not sure people are "born Leaders:. I think like anything, it is a skill you can study, practise and learn. Not saying it is easy to do though.

I actually do think self help books help. Human behaviour is often best modified through repeated reminding and often different views drive things home to different people.

Time management question is a tougher one. I think many people think it is tough or they do not need helpe - they know how to do it. I think others miss the point and think they would work harder and play less not understanding that good time management allows a person to spend time as they choose.

At 11:10 PM, Blogger ploveme said...

I'm Chinese. There are many books about my country wisdom's pensee.
I have not read a book completely as yet.Because i only need some thinking of them,and i accept what have been validated by myself in the life.

By the way, i read the blog for improving my English

At 9:26 AM, Blogger Gerhard Peters said...

I see your point about self help books and agree that they can help which it has been in my case.

But I still think that a lot of the self-help books lack in quality and the focus is on external behavior and not on what I like to think about as transformational behavior.

There is a vast difference between the two, which I’m just beginning to understand.

At 3:47 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think the second point is the most important one...set a time or percent how much time you should spent on the category. This can help you to not lose a sight of the things you are bad.


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