Monday, March 31, 2008

Meatball Sundae

I recently listened to one of Seth Godin’s books called Meatball Sundae - Is Your Marketing Out of Sync. Seth has a great marketing oriented blog that is worth following. His post today is on my favourite topic - constant learning.

I have been a fan of Seth for a long time and heard him speak live a few times. Seth is the founder of, but mostly he is known as a marketer and an Internet guru.

The gist of the message in the book is that the new social medias are dramatically different than the old ones. In the old days, the editor of a publication of magazines or television stations had huge control over what audiences read. So in order to be successful, companies had to influence these few sources of media. Now the power of the press resides with the people so there are many more people that need to be influenced.

New media allows a wider variety of products and mass production is less of a factor. it allows for more discrimination by the customers. They either want the best (and are willing to pay top dollar for it) or they want the cheapest. It all depends on the product.

He did acknowledge that there is power to having more readership and clearly traditional media has the lion's share of the readership and not all blogs are created equal – some have lots of readership and some do not.

It was particularly compelling for anyone who has not recognized that changes that are taking place in the media world. I found it interesting since, as an active blogger, I am one of those new media sources he is speaking of.

It is worth reading or listening to.


At 8:56 PM, Blogger Stuart R. Crawford said...

Hi Jim, this must be a theme today, I wrote about "Wealthy Professionals Are Continous Learners" today as well on my "Wealthy Professional" blog today that my good friend Will Kriski and I started. Thanks for being an inspiration in my life Jim.

Stuart Crawford
Calgary, AB


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