Thursday, February 14, 2008

Time Management Tip for To Do Lists

I must like the snow. This is a picture of my Prius which is lower than this snowbank in front of our SYNNEX Toronto office.
When I first started this blog, I set the theme as time management. Time Leadership actually but that is a longer post (Leadership is about doing the right things - Management is about doing things right).
Every Time Management system or book that I have studied uses some sort of prioritized To Do list. The simple To Do list the the basis of good Time management.
My trick today is to not only add things to the list but put the first action item that needs to be done to complete the task. For example, if I need to prepare to meet with a vendor, I might put "Print sales history" or "email Product Manager". This simple act often causes me to take immediate action that allows the task to be done faster or better.
As with many things - the simple is powerful. Try it - it works.


At 10:31 PM, Blogger Richard Chan said...

Jim I came across a few of you articles on Helium and you seem to be a grounded individual. Actually, I was up there for awhile and I just noticed you bumped me down to #3 spot on one of the articles. =) It really shows from your writing you are a compassionate, down to earth but also a driven person. That is the real Canadian spirit! Anyhow, I just thought of posting a message and I look forward to any new or exciting projects you may have down the road. I'll probably purchase your book shortly. Take care.



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