Tuesday, February 05, 2008

The 8 Secrets of Success

One thing about blogging is people often send me blog ideas. I really enjoyed this short 3 minute video by Richard St. John - the secrets of success in 8 words.

1 - Passion. Every successful person I know is passionate about what they do.

2 - Hard work. Clearly one of my highest values.

3 - Be good at something. Focus. (I tend to have problem with this one. I am a generalist)

4 - Push yourself. No kidding.

5 - Serve others. Clearly offering high value to others is the only way to success.

6 - Ideas. Be curious. I have tons of ideas. Flies a bit in the face of secret #3.

7 - Persist. Every successful person I know is peristent.

8 - you don't think I am going to ruin the movie by giving you all of them do you? Watch the video.

Speaking of success... My successful uncle, author, professor, Bruce Kellner has published his latest book. Not my usual business genre I am sure (it's a love story). I hope now that he is famous he still talks to me although thats likely what he says about me.


At 8:53 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't we all struggle being good at one thing?

The saying goes "Jack of all trades and master of none"


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