Wednesday, January 23, 2008

KISS Theory Goodbye

Bob Prosen wrote a great book called Kiss Theory Good Bye – Five Proven Ways to Get Extraordinary Results in Any Company.

The goal of the book is to provide a definitive how-to-book on business execution. It is a first person account of how Bob Prosen has helped lead major companies.

I like the simplicity of the book and the rules. I particularly like the chapter summaries that make it an easy read.

Chapter one talks about one of my favourite topics, habits. Although the focus of the chapter has a lot of bad habits and I prefer to focus on good habits. Clearly habits are the first step in any good company.

Chapter two talks about leadership. It talks about having no politics. I would modify this to say any company is going to have politics so can they be positive politics. This ties into culture which is one of the main topics that any leader should involve themselves in.

Chapter three talks about sales effectiveness and how to manage a sales force as well as what the difference is between a good and bad sale.

Chapter four talks about operational excellence. Clearly operational excellence is where it all begins and has to do with such things as cost structure, accounting, and just good old fashion execution. It also talks about processes.

Chapter five talks about financial management where information is power. One of SYNNEX’s top values is visibility and this chapter talks all about visibility so you know your costs and where the profit is and where you are making money and where you are not.

Chapter six jumps back to the customer and talks about customer loyalty the one that keeps on giving. This is tied closely to sales but potentially talks more about branding and execution.

Chapter seven starts with a great quote, "At the beginning of the day it is all about possibilities; at the end of the end of day it is all about results." This chapter talks about getting results and are you really doing it.

Chapter eight is titled Be Your Competitors’ Worse Fear. It starts with, "Your competitors’ biggest fear is not so much your bright ideas but your ability to turn those ideas into bottom line results." That requires an accountability based culture relentlessly focused on achieving clear goals.

Daily Checklist

End indecision, increase your productivity, kiss theory good bye and get the results you need.


Give clear directives. Be short, be definitive, and get to the point.

Require accountability. Focus on results, not activity.

Never rationalize poor performance.

Avoid overplanning. When a plan is in place, execute.

Embrace change. Search out opportunities to improve your organization and your results.

Help every member on the team win.

At the end of every day, ask yourself, Did my actions today help move the organization closer to meeting its objectives?


Clearly define everyone’s objectives, establish quantifiable metrics, and measure performance.

Have each person identify the top three barriers to achieving his or her objectives.

Agree on specific actions, responsibilities, and time frames to remove or minimize the barriers.

Hold everyone accountable for results and disproportionately reward those who achieve their objectives.

Remember, you win when everyone on the team wins!

Chapter nine, The Critical Path: this talks a lot about communication. Clearly nothing happens without proper communication.

Chapter ten, Measure What Matters Most: This not only goes to the accounting and financial measurements which were discussed earlier, but gets into counting what is right. I have always been a big believer of every business having a dashboard and believe each business is dashboard and what should be measuring and looking at differs.

Chapter eleven talks about how you continue with the execution and keep it going.

The Epilogue Beyond Profitability: Doing Good and Doing Well

The old adage is true: You can do good and do well. With the attributes I’ve outlined, you don’t have to cheat to become highly profitable. There’s no need to color your reporting or cook the books to achieve great success.


At 9:00 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

Another great blog and a very generous 'share'. Thank you!

More than 'doing well', a case of 'doing good' -- helping others be their best (whether one of your team, or not)

Way to go Jim - no wonder you have admirers. And more to the point, no wonder you have followers :)


At 12:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the good article. The author points to a number of factors that will help move company for the next phase of the company's development.


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