Sunday, December 09, 2007

Value/Time - Choosing the Right Projects

Busy weekend. I went to a "Dinner with Stanley" fundraiser Friday night in Stratford. Stanley Cup that is. Stayed the night with friends, Alex and Tim McDonald in Stratford. Tim runs Ideal Supply, a 25 branch auto parts/electrical distributor. Although he distributes different products, we still have lots in common and I can learn a lot from him.

Then Saturday, prepared for meetings in California. Saturday night was the SYNNEX Christmas party. It was a great party. Weather was good. I think people had a good time. What I like about the party is the informal time to speak to so many people. I rarely get that even though I work with these people all the time.

And now I am already at the airport catching a flight to my meetings. Slow customs line this morning.

This week will be a blur. I tend to get a bit behind while I am on the road. California meetings also inspire lots of ideas that I then feel a great sense of urgency to implement. Usually ending up with a hugely long list that is impossible to get done. So the key then is prioritization. Pick those things that have the greatest impact. Although sometimes I pick little things that have only small impacts but are easy to do.

I think of it as a "value/time" continuum that I work through in this order:

High value/low time
Medium value/low time
High value/high time
Medium value/high time

The decisions though are actually way more complex than that though since many can be done in parallel. Some need the same resources. Some have differing probabilities of success.


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