Sunday, November 25, 2007

Strategy vs. Tactics

I set up my home office better this weekend. Should add to my productivity which adds to my enjoyment. Although I am quite organized, getting organized is not an activity I enjoy doing. Interestingly, I like spending time setting and reviewing my goals. Perhaps this comes down to Strategy vs Tactics.

I enjoy strategy and could spend hours on it. I recognize the need for good tactics (implementation) so I do it (or surround myself with good people and make sure it is well done) but I do not enjoy it as much.

I also like preparing which for me means studying. I really enjoy reading business books, making notes, studying my challenge of the day and preparing for potential future challenges. For that matter learning from others about business, sales, negotiations, goal setting, etc. Nothing better for me than reading a book, listening to a business CD or attending a seminar.

The key is for me to find the right balance of Strategy vs Tactics vs Preparation.

Winter has arrived so running into the office to work is not as appealing as staying home in a nice warm house. Perhaps that is why I organized my den today - to save me the trip to the office. On the other hand, I need to quickly learn to dress warmly and get out because it is healthy. It only takes me 45 minutes to walk to work or 25 to run or 15 to cycle and 10 to drive. My challenge is to take the initiative to walk or run. Too easy to let the change of seasons keep me inside.

How do I know winter is truly here apart from the snow and ice? My brother got his Prius stuck in my driveway after dinner tonight. He recently upgraded to a Prius after driving his Honda Insight hybrid 300,000 KM. Who says hybrids do not last.


At 1:40 AM, Blogger Meryle Corbett said...

Good thoughts, Jim. I use the 50,000 ft level, 30,000 ft level and 10,000 ft level as metaphors with my own teams to differentiate strategy from tactics and operations.

enjoy your blogs, thx.
Meryle Corbett


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