Thursday, October 25, 2007

Made to Stick

One of my new favourite marketing books is called, MADE TO STICK, by Chip and Dan Heath.

Of course I would like it because it is a marketing book and I tend to have a natural interest in marketing. They simplify what needs to be done to make ideas stick with an acronym - SUCCES

S simple - don't lose your core message. KISS.

U unexpected - Do the unexected to get people's attention. (they do point out the problem of tying it in though so just being outrageous is not enough)

C concrete - People have problems with theory - keep it real.

C credible - is your idea believable? One way to do this is to use experts, titles (EG PhD) etc.

E emotional - people react to emotion and it creates an empathetic bond

S stories - story telling is a way people can remember and retell easily. Sure beats statistics.

Although I have distilled the basics of the book, I have not done it justice. The book is entertaining, easy to read and uses tons of useful examples. Highly recommended if you ever want to sell or market anything.


At 1:05 AM, Blogger Kubchaser said...

I have read this book as well. It is truly entertaining and "simple." It doesn't cover the big theories about marketing; instead, it talks about basic human reaction and emotion to "sticky" ideas!

I love the introduction especially. If any of you get a chance to read it, stay focused on the first few pages! Did I just spoil it? Oh I hope not!!!


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