Sunday, June 24, 2007

Guelph Lake Triathlon

I am taking a break from catch up in the office to blog. I am feeling behind from my travel this week. The move also took some extra time.

This is one week after our office move to Woodlawn. There is a huge number of small things that still need doing to make this place the way it will ultimately be. Somewhat daunting. And today, I am not doing any of the small things since I have to do my real job so have lots of email catch up, reports etc to do. I find an uninterrupted day in the office is as productive as 3 normal days.

I am stiff and sore and a bit sunburned from doing the Guelph Lake Triathlon yesterday. I did the sprint Tri which is 750M swim, 19K cycle and 5 K run. My time was in the range it usually is. I am low average on the swim (19:41) . My transitions are slow so need to practise getting out of my wetsuit more and even changing from my cycle shoes to runners. The Bike is where I lose all my time with a very slow 46:19. And my run was in the top third at 24:08 (although this is not particularly fast).

The day was fabulous although slightly hot (I am Canadian so complaining about the weather is mandatory). I found my wetsuit tight and restricting my breathing. The triathlon swim start in waves - 3 minutes apart. I was in the 4th wave based on my age. The horn went for my wave and I ran with the crowd of about 50 in my wave for 15M until it was deep enough to swim. At first there was a mass of people. I was kicked many times but never hurt and did not get my goggles kicked off which I hate. By the first bouy the crowd had thinned and I had found my pace. As I swam between the first and third bouy, I found I was zig zagging. I really need to work on swimming straight. As I approached the third bouy, we once again hit traffic - the slower swimmers from earlier waves. It seemed crowded after the turn at the third bouy to the fourth and then I realized we were being passed by faster swimmers from the 5th and 6th waves. I was tiring and struggled for the last 250 M. Although my time was low average, I really cannot complain, it was the first time I have swam this year (thats right - no swim training).

I slowly ran to the transition area and struggled to get my wetsuit off and my cycle shoes on. Ran slowly with my bike to the "bike on" mark and began cycling. There was a headwind which surprisingly seemed to last much of the course. As I cycled, I was passed by many many people (perhaps 60). Especially on the downhills where I brake a little (need to get used to the speed thing). By 2/3 of the way, no one was passing me and I was passing some people - especially on the uphills. I drank almost a full bottle of Gatoraid that I had on my bike. Very poor time but again - virtually no bike training.

I finished the bike and ran slowly to change out of my bike shoes into my running shoes. I started the run and my legs felt cramped and just weird. Running right after cycling is a strange feeling. I know some triathletes practise doing this so they get used to the feeling. I kept repeating that it was only a 5 K so would be easy. I stopped at all the water stops. As I ran, I passed about 30 other runners. It felt good to pass most people and I do not recall anyone passing me. I had prepared well for the run with the Ottawa marathon 3 weeks previous.

The bottom line for me and triathlons is if I want better times, I need to prepare more. I guess this is no different than anything in life. Those who prepare more win.


At 8:08 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Jim,

Your post reminded me of a limerick that I thought you'de find amusing, being Canadian, this is fitting:

When its Hot, man wants it Cold,
When its Cold, man wants it Hot,
What it Is, he wants it... Not.

Have a great day!


At 9:40 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice job on the Tri!

I was in a half-ironman relay team this weekend and did the 56 mile bike and 13.1 mile half marathon. It took me a full 2.5 miles into the run before I felt like I had switched gears with my I can relate to the odd feeling it is to bike for quite a distance at race pace and then try and run.

It's as if the blood flow to your legs is routed one way and then has to switch gears.

The thing that helped me the most yesterday was the Endurance Gatorade they were passing out around mile 12. The more hydrated I was, it seemed the less crampy I felt.


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