Monday, April 02, 2007

Tricks to Stay Motivated and The Long Tail

Sometimes my self discipline slips. I use tricks to get myself back on track and to stay on track.

One trick is to ask my self "Would I like to have..." and then I list something like "a clean email in box by the time I go to bed". The simple act of asking the question tends to keep me on track.

For example, I like to have a clean work area. I am not a neat freak but I like to have clean, clear spaces. One question I ask is "would I like to have a clean space when I get up tomorrow." Of course the answer is yes so it motivates me to stay on track.

Of course when I lack the ambition to do my "Would I like to have...", I end up with guilt. Still working on guilt. Would I like to have a clear conscience?

I read a great book (actually I listened to it on the seven CD set) that is a must read for any business person called, "The Long Tail, Why the future of business is selling less of more" by Chris Anderson. Chris Anderson is the editor of FAST Company magazine.

The thesis of his book is that we are increasingly able to cater almost everybody with every taste with a huge degree of variety and this huge degree of variety allows products to have what he calls long tails. For example, rather than everybody simply listening to popular music, they can listen to many sub-genres.

Much of what he talks about is possible because of the Internet so a lot of his examples have to do with books and music and movies, etc., on the internet.

The reason it is a must read for any business person is understanding markets and where things will sell are definitely a critical part of business success.


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