Sunday, March 11, 2007

Thoughts on Constant Learning and Growth

I am in the San Francisco airport lounge. Flying back from quarterly executive meetings an a day of relaxation in Sonoma Valley. Weather was beautiful. I did a relaxed cycle tour (Does not count for triathlon training) of a couple of wineries and a cheese factory with a group of SYNNEX executives. Also managed to fit a short run in for the first time in a few days yesterday. The schedule of the executive meetings is too aggressive to allow for staying on top of calls and emails, let alone squeeze in much exercise.

I just completed a self evaluation based on 20 core competencies SYNNEX has identified as important. Although I constantly self review, this was enlightening since I usually do not do it against this list.

One conspicuous absence from the list which we need to add is constant learning, adaptability and growth. Of course this is one of my core success values. I believe we our ability to grow and learn is the primary factor in future success. The world and what we need to succeed will constantly change - so must we.


At 8:34 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm with you on growing and learning...
This is one of my mantras....“To stop learning and growing is just like being stuck in mud”


At 10:25 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Continue learning, yes, absolutely. However, I'm not sure I fully agree with your last statement: "The world and what we need to succeed will constantly change - so must we". Yes, we need to adapt to the changing world (and what it takes to succeed in it), but I don't believe we (ourselves) must necessarily change , per se (our core values), just to be "hip" with the latest fads, buzzwords, and other fast changing "values".


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