Sunday, March 25, 2007

Running Races or Just Run

I have been remiss in posting lately. Lots of travel, negotiation (which takes time and energy), perhaps jet lag and lots on. I had a good long run today to help release my stress. Not as long as I thought I might do. The Around the Bay 30K was run today. I ran 25K but not in a race. Running a race can kill most of the day by the time you drive, pick up your chip, arrive early, wait around after to see results etc. So I chose to just run on my own.

SYNNEX earnings release late last week was good. The stock price is up nicely which is gratifying to see.

I went to the Association of Canadian Chinese Entrepreneurs award dinner last night. One of my fellow YPOers was honoured - Hilton Ngo from Accolade Group. But that's not the reason I was there. I was invited by one of our customers and of course I saw many of our other customers and suppliers there.

Will be a busy week although I am in Ontario all week so that should make it easier.


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