Saturday, February 03, 2007

YPO GLC and Prime Minister Harper

I am at a YPO Global Leadership Congree right now. It has been an awesome event. Many top notch inspirational speakers and authors. Scott Cook - founder of Intuit, Rod Beckstom - author of "The Starfish and the Spider: The unstoppable Poer of Leaderless Organizations", Augie Nieto - a 48 year old with the fatal disease ALS (Lou Gehrig Disease), Bobby Sager of the Peace Action Network, Jimmy Pattison etc.

The president of Pakistan , Pervez Musharraf, spoke via satelite.

The Prime Minister Stephen Harper spoke live as the keynote speaker. He is a good speaker as one would expect. His environmental message was governements need to think long term.

I am inspired by listening to great people speak and hearing their stories. I tend to identify more with the business leaders than the political ones but I am also inspired by the people who run great charities and try to change the world that way. It makes me realize how much more I have to accomplish.

In addition to that inspiration, I renewed many of my business contacts and made new ones. One challenge I am dealing with is the move of a warehouse from Toronto to Guelph. I committed to my Toronto warehouse staff that chose not to move that I would introduce them to appropriate companies. This was a good place to expand that network.


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