Thursday, February 08, 2007

Barbershop Marketing

I am in the process of opening a new warehouse in Guelph and require 250 plus employees. Many of the positions would be part-time. Of course because of the magnitude of this, it is top of mind so I tell everyone that I meet that I am looking to hire full and part-time shippers, receivers, dock hands, etc.

I was at the barbers getting my hair cut and mentioned this to my barber who instantly said that he likely knew 25 or 30 people who would be interested in the job.

Most people develop a rapport with their barber or hairstylist over a number of years. Most people repeatedly visit the same stylist. During that time they tend to talk about the weather, politics, and life in general. Rapport develops. This often would include their job prospects, etc. This inspired me to come up with barber/hairstylist marketing for hiring my new warehouse employees.

We are going to the yellow pages and listing the barber shops and hairstylists in the area. We then go to our staff and find out where they get their hair done and try to cross off to make sure we have all basis covered.

I believe that the hairstylist or barber will be more open to ideas that come from someone who they already know. Because our warehouse move is not until July 1st (and it is now still February), everyone will have lots of time to get into the barber or hairstylist between now and then.

I also think they will tend to refer people they like. Likely good people. They would not want to be seen as refering people who are not good.

We are not putting in place any financial incentive for the barbers or hairstylists, although we will invite them to an open house. My experience is that most of them tend to freely share information that they have and like to be, "in the know". Most of them want to add value to their clients.

I suspect this idea will work to provide most of the staff we need. That said, if you know any eager, honest, hard working people - send them my way or in the interest of time management -


At 6:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Jim,

what about a recruiting drive at a local school board(s) in the area or colleges. there are probably a ton of career days happening now. there are alot of great students out there that don't have the inclination to go on to college/university, and are excellent people. lots of good peopel, just tough to get the message out to all of them.


At 10:07 PM, Blogger Jim Estill said...

definitely doing the school recruting thing.


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