Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Good Start to the Year and Joe's Goals

I am up nice and early working on my goals. Good start to the year. I will be at the gym at 5 and at my desk by 6:15.

There is a good site called Joe's Goals that allow people to set and track their goals. The following is a summary of the most popular resolutions for the New Year from that site:

* 17% Lose weight
* 13% Be a better person
* 13% Stop smoking
* 8% Spend less money
* 7% Exercise more
* 6% Eat healthier
* 5% Get better job
* 5% Improve health
* 3% Get closer to God
* 3% Use time better
* 3% Increase family time
* 3% Go back to school
* 2% Set goals
* 2% Stop drinking
* 1% Be kinder to others
* 1% Buy a new house

Full details of the study here.

I think it is great that so many people take the time to set goals and resolutions. I think part of achieving them is the simple act of identifying and writing them down. At the same time, I think many people will fail because they do not add action plans to support those goals. For example, if someone wants to lose weight, they are best to not only say this but have the sub goals of exercising X times, eating in a certain way etc.


At 6:26 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've using Joe goals a fair bit since you pointed it out last year sometimes. I really like it and I'm using it this for my new year’s resolution. Have a happy new year Jim!


At 8:56 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Besides action plans, a symbol of dedication also helps, one that will cause others to humiliate and deride you if you fail.

I was told this during some training when I was much younger: If you want to commit to jogging every morning, and you're married, go out and buy the most expensive jogging shoes you can find.

Brag about how expensive they were. Then, if you start to skip days or even stop jogging, your wife will freak out and badger you: "After paying $800 for those silly jogging shoes, mister, you better get out there and jog!"

At 10:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Jim!

The problem with New Year resolutions is the same as with to-do lists. All of them are just simple, one line statements, without any indication of the complexity and/or interdependencies they may entail.

Goals must be specific, measurable, achievable and time-bound. Also, if the steps (that take time investments) are not in your calendar, there is an 80% chance they won't get done.

To a healthy, prosperous New Year!

At 9:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Jim,

I've been posting a bit about resolutions too. One thing I say to people is that if they truly want to set strong resolutions is to begin them early. Either way, the new year always carries with it strong feelings of passionate renewal and change and so it's important to act on the momentum it carries.

It's been a while, glad to see you in good spirits and up at 5 am! :)

At 7:38 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Some great comments about resolutions. I also see that you were up in the wee hours in order to post this! Perhaps you should read a bit about sleep and the high costs to both health and insurance...

It was a column as a result of a challenge sent to me by Ben Yoskovitz. Enjoy!


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