Sunday, January 28, 2007


I am in the lounge in San Francisco (its 5:50 AM here) waiting for my flight back to Toronto. Fruitful trip. Very pumped on the prospects of our SYNNEX TSD division.

Looking forward to the flight. Lots of reading (and resting time).

I find when I miss too many weekends, I fall behind not only on my work at SYNNEX but on my personal stuff. In my SYNNEX role, I have a habit of using the uninterrupted weekend time as maximum productivity time. So miss it when I do not get it. Still polishing my systems so I am more productive when I travel and during the week.

I found a simple site - -that allows you to set a goal or dream and have it emailed to you at a future date. Interesting idea. Means you need to keep your same email address though. And I suppose you could just use the timed feature in outlook to send it to yourself. Still, its a good idea. The simple thought of thinking about what you want to be in the future often sets you on the right path.


At 10:02 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This Dreaminder service is really neat.

I wish there was a web site that collected all these little functionalities, like tinyURL, Metrolyrics, Snap Preview, Swicki, Google Analytics, and other blog or web surfing tools, and displayed them in one spot, so people could select what they wanted to try.

I guess I'll try doing that in a sidebar category (like I don't already have a cluttered sidebar!)



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