Sunday, December 17, 2006

Finding Your Why

Busy weekend with the RIM Holiday Party on Friday night. It was huge. It was held in RIM Park.

Saturday night with Elizabeth's Christmas Party. Thanks to Sam for a great and generous party. It was held at the Millcroft Inn.

I was feeling tired and run down this weekend so not as productive as I would have liked. I ran 21.1 K today (the odd distance is because thats half a marathon). It was all I could do to squeeze out those last few miles. It took me 1:53 which is OK for a training run. Although I am not really training for anything except life. That said, I likely will run the Boxing Day 10 miler.

Have a tough day planned for tomorrow. There are downsides to being a CEO. Tough days are one of them. Exercise is one of the ways I choose to deal with stressful times.

To have a coach or not to have a coach is a personal decision. Some people react well to them and some people do not them.

Sometimes having a personal coach can actually detract from productivity especially during times of extreme busyness.

I recently read a short advertorial book by John Di Lemme called, Find Your Way and Fly. The reason I call it an advertorial book is because he is largely trying to sell his audio programs and other courses. Actually a bit too hard of a sell for my liking.

From what I have seen from his material, it is all good and fairly similar to Anthony Robbins material. I believe using some of this thinking in conjunction with some depth and hard work can definitely help one succeed.

One thing that I don’t like about him is he is promoting himself extensively to network marketers and I have never been much of an advocate of those (it is just not for me, I am sure that there are a lot of people that do well in those network marketing areas).

One chapter that I enjoyed was chapter three, The Habit of Giving. He noted that most successful people give generously of their money. For me, I would say that many successful people also give generously of their time (of course this is always a balancing act because giving too much time can cause even the most successful person to fail because they are not spending time on their top priority items).

One thought that he had was, "if every bill was paid and you had enough money in the bank for the rest of your life, what would you be doing?" His idea is to do this as an exercise as this will get at your true purpose in life.

It is interesting that I faced this challenge myself more than a few years ago and have determined that in order to achieve my purpose, I needed to continue to grow a successful business and I have chosen SYNNEX as my vehicle for accomplishing that purpose.


At 5:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


If every Bill was paid..., "I would focus on educating our young people, connecting them with as many people as possible that want to change the world for the better." We all need to coach more young people.

Back to paying those bills, there are lots to pay :).


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