Monday, October 30, 2006

Lazy weekend and Doubling Your personal Effectiveness

Lazy weekend. I had intended to run the Horror Hill 15K but the weather was miserable so I did not. I did run 16K on Sunday in 83:20 so that sort of makes up for it but it was not a race. I even slept for the extra hour of time savings. I did go to a meeting with my credit group on Saturday for a while. Also cleaned my car and den which both needed attention.

I am behind in posting my book reviews.

I read a classic self-development book called, Super Self Doubling Your Personal Effectiveness by Charles J. Givens. Charles is one of the long-time motivational speakers and rags to riches type person that people like to read about. Often I find these people to be somewhat shallow but the basic message is right. And of course, I want to doubling of personal effectiveness.

In the book he shares a number of success strategies. The first one is to learn from the experience of others rather than your own. In my opinion, this is true wisdom and this is something that I still seek.

Charles Givens' outline is very basic and is what you would see in almost any self-help book:

Have dreams and goals.
Develop strategies to achieve these (I always thought the difference between dreams and goals is that goals were dreams with action).
Practise – consciously and continuously apply the strategies at every opportunity.
Habits – as I have often said before, we become what we repeatedly do.
Results, with these new skills and abilities, you will achieve results.

I would not make it as linear as that, I would make it into a circle. As results start to happen, then new dreams and goals need to be set.

Overall this is a great book and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in improving themselves and achieving goals in life.


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