Wednesday, July 12, 2006

YPO University

Sorry for not posting. I am still on holidays. I have planned 9 business days off. I have kept up on my email (a bit slower than usual perhaps though). I have had a few calls but not many.

Last week I was fishing at Langara Lodge. Yes, I caught lots of fish. Over 200 pounds of salmon, halibut and ling cod that we kept. Enough fish for a year. I am a conservationist at heart. I feel bad killing fish but figure until I become vegan, it is no different for me to catch and kill them than to buy it. I do not eat red meat.

I saw 40+ killer whales at a time fishing. Learned some interesting facts about them. There are 3 kinds - ocean (which little is known about), mammal eating and fish eating. They do not intermingle. The fish eating ones eat 98% Chanook salmon which seems odd. One theory is that it is higher in fat than other fish so satisfies that need.

Right now I am at a YPO University in Vancouver. Roughly 200 families of presidents and CEO's of mid to large sized companies. Solid seminars and events from early morning to night. Many many topics I could and will blog about. A very solid roster of great speakers. I am actually one of the speakers on blogging coming up this Sunday. I am a bit worried my seminar might be poorly attended since that is the last day and some people leave early. Also, by the time a full week of siminars is over, some people tend to cut out of them.

One of the seminars was by an MD, Ruth McIlraith from Medisys, talking about health and longevity. The gist of the message is what we all know: good diet and exercise. She took a common sense approach to health. She was a good speaker. Although I am a health guy, even I need inspiration to do what I know I should. After her session, I did eat a bit better and work out a bit harder (even though the schedule is so full, there is almost no time for working out). I tend to judge the quality of the speaker by if I make a positive change. She was a big advocate of diet diversity. Not sure what she thinks of the killer whale diet.

This is not all education. Lots of over the top entertainment.

More on the whole event later.

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