Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Policies and saying NO

I said my recent holiday provided me with weeks of blog material. Unfortunately, I have not had time to assimilate most of it. I am still inspired but tired from catching up and minor changes in scheduling. When I am inspired, I tend to also be daunted primarily because I see how much more there is to do and there is a part of me that has a huge sense of urgency. I want to do it all now (or sooner).

One inspiring session I attended was by Mary Loverde ( She is entertaining and delivers some good take home value. The session was on life balance. I was not sure I needed to attend but decided to anyways (after all, surely blogging is enough to count as balance).

One concept she presented was Personal Policies. They can provide a polite way to say NO. For example, I have a policy of not accepting speaking engagements for less than 100 people. I have a policy of not sitting on volunteer boards (primarily because this usually jus means asking your friends for money. And I must say despite this policy, I am a big supporter of charity). Policy apparently means wisdom and management. The idea is to expand your Policies to gain more control and to focus on what you like to do.

This is very similar to my "Don't yet do" lists that I blogged about previously. EG - I do not yet golf has saved me days.

She is sending me one of her books. Review to follow soon.


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