Wednesday, July 19, 2006

One More Thing

It has been a long day. After the RIM AGM tonight, I stopped by the office to get a bit caught up. So why blog? Mostly guilt. I presented at a recent YPO university on CEO Blogging and spoke on the need to post regularly.

Time passes quickly when I am in the office. Perhaps I am taking my latest time tip too much to heart.

I have updated my Time Management presentation by adding a slide called, "One more thing". I was listening to an Og Mandino program and he talked about how much more you can accomplish by doing one more thing each day.

I have always had as one of my success habits "do the worst thing first thing" and I have even taken this one step further so that I do the worst thing first thing in the morning and then the first thing right after lunch. This has seen me through a lot of tough projects that tend to sit on my desk. I use it to overcome procrastination.

I think by adding this "One more thing" at the end of my work day and before I go to bed that I will be able to get even more done. What I cannot do though is to do this too often or I will not get enough sleep.

Early work out tomorrow.


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