Sunday, June 18, 2006

Fathers Day

I am back in the airport going to California again. Did not even get time to blog since coming back on the redeye Thursday morning.

Today I ran the Waterloo 10K. The day was hot and humid even by the time the race started at 9. The first K seemed easy. I heard one of the runners say 4:15. Thats too fast for me. The mile came in at 7:30 which was on track but a bit fast for the heat. By the first water stop, I was fading. I walked 50 steps while drinking. There was a 3K and a 5K race going on at the same time so I could soon see these runners turning around (The race was out and back). I wanted to complete 4 K before seeing the 10K racers coming back but I only got to 3.5K or so. By 5 K, I was walking through all the waterstops. The heat was killing me. I tend to be more affected than some other runners. In the end I finished in 55 and a bit. Slowest 10K ever for me.

Elizabeth came third woman overall (only beat by a couple of teen agers and one of them only beat her by 1 second), first in her age, first masters.

When I run I have 3 goals. I often use this trick in other parts of my life. In my Time Leadership CD and eBook, I call this the Power of 3 goals. In this race, my first goal was 45 min, second 50 min and third was just to finish. I finished so made my third goal.

I have been thinking a lot lately about persistance. I have always said "persistance pays".

There could be a dopwnside to thinking this way. Am I giving myself permission to fail. Fail because I can then use my persistance to try again. For that matter - perhaps rather than try, I should just do it. Try implies I might not be successful at it (whatever it is)

Just something I am thinking about.

After the race, David and Beth took me to lunch for fathers day. All my kids gave me a gift certificate to Bulk Barn which is great because they know I make my own museli and Bulk Barn has most of the ingredients I need. Also good for camping supplies but not sure I am going to get much of that in this year. Very thoughtful.


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