Monday, June 12, 2006

Corporate Values and HR

Today was more executive meeting in Fremont. Most of the day centred around HR. We reviewed the results of the company staff survey in detail. There are many action items we need to work on. Although HR is a department, it is the whole company and particularly the leadership that is ultimately responsible for staff, staff inspiration etc.

As with most companies, we have a mission statement ("We optimize supply chain Economics") and a list of corporate values ("We create value for all our constituents. We are committed to deliver the finest of products and services to the industry. We tresure loyalty, teamwork, integrity and hard work.). I spend a lot of time on my personal goals and I know they are closely tied to my values. Companies are the same - goals tend to flow from values. (see my 60 minute goal setting exercise)

I am still struggling with my efficiency while on the road. Full day of meetings and the usual volume of calls and emails continued anyways. Especially with the Azerty deal closing. I am not complaining though - it is nice to be so popular ;-)


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