Friday, June 09, 2006

7 Tips to Make Travel More Productive

I am in the airport awaiting a flights to Fremont (well San Franciso actually then a drive to Fremont) where I will be attending the SYNNEX quarterly executive meetings. The meetings go all weekend and into the week next week. Will be interesting, inspirational and tough all at the same time.

I have a fairly heavy travel schedule these days. I am working hard on my efficiency while I travel. I want to become as productive on the road as in the office. In some ways being productive on the road can be easier since there are long periods of uninterrupted time. In some ways it is more difficult because the people who help me do my job are not here (so I have to do the work myself).

I also find that many things “wait” until I get back so the days after I return can be a bit full.

My tips for work travel efficiency:

1 – I leave "out of office" messages on email and voicemail. I include on these who else might be able to help. This helps reduce the call and email volume.

2 - I usually carry a notebook. I make sure I have downloaded what I need. Confidentiality is always a concern though so I choose what I work on.

3 - I carry a Blackberry. Awesome device - get one. (and I know I have a conflict since I am on their Board of Directors). This is how I keep up with email and is also my cell phone. I make sure it is recently synced so I can have the details of where I am staying, confirmations numbers etc.

4 - I always carry reading. I love to leave home with a stack of trade journals and then only tear out the pages of interest and leave the rest thus lightening my load. I also carry a few books.

5 - My assistant gives me a file with flight information, hotel, rental car etc and a mapquest of where I am going. If we have a real map, she includes that. It also includes meeting agendas and details of what I am doing. I would be lost if I did not have the travel file (although my RIM has most information on it too)

6 - One thing I am trying to get better at is completely dealing with an issue even if I am traveling. I used to leave things for when I got back but am increasingly trying to just deal with it.

7 - My targus backpack is always packed with pens, highlighter, reading glasses, calculator etc. Everything I need to do my job.

8 - I am starting to carry a list of things I need to do that can be done while I travel. This has served me well. Certainly helps my productivity.

I will do another post on other non work related travel habits (although most things are tied together).


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