Tuesday, June 27, 2006

20% Less

I was asked again today how I find time to do my CEO Blog. Interesting question. I quite honestly don't spend that long on it. I blog about what I am thinking about at the time (sometimes that's not much). I use a lot of tricks which I have blogged about often like How to Write an Article in 20 minutes. Maybe its time for me to write another blog post on it.

I noticed that my blog has slipped since I got my own www.jimestill.com domain to second page on Google when you search for CEO Blog. I have read a bit about Search Engine Optimization but am not sure how to move it up except by saying CEO Blog often. On the other hand, I am on and off first page for searches for SYNNEX and of course for Jim Estill I get first spot. I also notice people find my blog for other searches like book titles or "Leadership vs Management". Interesting to watch it.

Today I am thinking about efficiency. If I could reduce my interactions and conversations by 20% I would be more productive. Of course in some cases this would be rude so before everyone starts flaming me - just consider the number of conversations, meetings etc that could be reduced without negative consequences. Interesting possibility.


At 4:17 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


I chanced upon your website when i typed in management mantras.

I being a developer of a startup company in US, see myself as leading a team in the future and therefore i am always in search of blogs of CEO's.It helps me prepare for the future role.Blogs like yours gives me plenty of ideas and tips on leadership,managment etc.

I get to know what CEO's think,how they motivate themselves,what makes them successfully etc..

Keep writing.

I am gonna subsribe to your blog


At 11:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


I never thought of checking out where I would rank in a Google search until reading your blog.

As it turned out, I am in the top two spots in Google but in the 13th spot in Yahoo.

What's more surprising is that my daughter, Miroki Tong, also scored the top two spots on Google. Maybe she is going to be more successful than I give her credit for.

Robert Tong

At 4:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You can cut time to gain productivity on almost every task you perform, since you're far away from your operational limit. Let's say you drive like a crazy to gain 10 minutes a day on your home-work path. It is interesting, right? But it could kill you.

If you have a great timing, you can gain time from killing conversations. But it can lead you to an unconfortable situation, that is best to avoid. In the end, everything goes down to how you do stuff, not what you do.

By the way, you're very good at writing, and your blog is very interesting. I'll keep reading it. Thanks for exposing your ideas.


Bruno Saboia

PS: Sorry about my bad english, I'm brazilian.


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