Saturday, April 29, 2006

CEO Blog and links

I changed my CEO Blog domain to off of blogspot about a week ago. So please change your CEO blog bookmark.

I changed to my own domain after studying internet search engine behavior. With my own domain, I can gain more hits as I get the credit for the traffic rather than Blogspot.

As with many changes, this is short term gain for long term pain. I lost my Technorati ranking. I was at about 40,000 with 116 links from 55 blogs. A week ago, I started at 1,200,000 with no links and am now at about 600,000 with 6 links from 4 sites. So feel free to help me out and link to CEO Blog at

I also start from scratch on many of my other rankings and referals. Of course my old CEO blog points to my new CEO blog so if people click on one of the articles, Amazon book reviews, old links etc, they still get here.

One of my friends was in town last night and staying over today. He is a big triathlon guy so we were talking about running, training etc. so Elizabeth broke out the Jack Daniels. I told her it was a bit early in the morning but ...


At 2:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great sense of humour.., Jack is an early riser.


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