Sunday, March 12, 2006


Still in Vegas but flying back shortly.

This morning the hotel had a free "introduction to pilates" class. I was the only one who showed up so it was basically a personal tutorial. Pilates is all about core strength (lower abs). I have had pilates on my list for a while but it has never been important enough for me to do. Of course one class does not constitute taking up pilates.

Pilates is not very gratifying compared to weight lifting or aerobic exercise. However if done properly, it is still difficult (and I know I need it).

Pilates is a bit of a metaphor for the little things in business that cause success. It is not galmourous. Not particularly gratifying. Fairly difficult to do and easy to find excuses not to do. Easy to cheat on but you get no benefit by cheating. But in the end, it is the small, unseen things that can be the most important and allow the higher visibilty,higher impact tasks to be done.


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